Smily Scented Hardtop Pencil Box ( Pink )

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Smily Scented Hardtop Pencil Box ( Pink )


Fall in love with the Smily Scented Hardtop Pencil Box which has sweet smelling, amazing silicone embossed Squad designs on it! Open the Doublezips to see the internal mesh pocket & pen holder insert inside to keep your stationery organised.

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Often when certain consumer goods get to be saturated in the market, then it takes some rather innovative thinking and approach to catch the attention of the customer. The Smily Scented Hardtop Pencil Box is one such effort to provide something different to the student group. Considering that most tots are taken in by something that is different to the usual, the scented pencil box has undoubtedly been with its ardent users too.

There is an effort to come up with something that is different in appearance, and the use of a silicone embossed Squad only adds to the general appeal of the product. With the tiny children, nothing sells if it is not shiny and sparkling. Thus while every effort has been taken to keep the utility factor topmost in the minds of the designers, the advantage that something flashy brings to the marketing efforts has not been lost either.

Key Features:

  • Comes with scented silicone badge
  • Zipped compartment with double zips
  • Internal mesh compartment with internal pen slots
  • Polyurethane outer & Polyester lining

Type – Pencil Pouch
Material – Silicone,  Eva & PU
Dimensions – 22 x 4.5 x 14.5 cm

Usage Tips:

· The scent is kept for a long time if it is least exposed to water. This could mean that the best efforts to keep the pencil box clean would be to give in a proper wipe with a moist cloth.

· It would be advisable to keep the scented pencil case away from intense heat sources and even the direct sunlight. This might cause the fade of color.