Smily Single Compartment Pencil Case ( Pink )


Smily Single Compartment Pencil case comes with fantastic look. Loads of storage space with one double zip compartment-inner mesh compartments, large zip pocket and pen slots. Double the fun of storing your favourite pencils in this storage hard top pencil cases. Pick your liked design and colour and have an idle pencil box to add your school apparatus. Bigger space will allow you store more items beside your precious pencil collection.

Smily Single Compartment Pencil Case ( Pink )


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The modern school student would not be complete without the Smily Single Compartment Pencil Case and for a good reason too. It would be possible to stow away the most tools and implements of the school life with the proper use of the pencil case. The focus on providing the most utility to be able to fit in the most in the least possible space is a keystone of the hardtop pencil case.

On offer here are multiple compartments as well as of various sizes too. Thus each constituent of the box is kept in its proper place and in excellent condition also. This would prevent the chaffing and scratches that usually occur when instruments of various types and hue rub against each other. As for the children, the pressing need to have something attractive and colorful to look at is a significant plus point.

Key Features:

  • Zippered compartment
  • Made using durable material
  • Inner mesh compartments and pen slots

Type – Pencil Box
Dimensions – 22 x 4.2 x 15 cm

Safety: Provision of loops and clamps ensure that every part of the pencil case is kept well tied down.

Usage Tips:

· Keeping the pencil case clean would not be such a big issue with just a simple wipe of the damp cloth doing the part.

· Use of strong detergents must be avoided at all times as it could cause the running and transfer of color.

Weight 0.48 lbs


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