Smily Sipper Water Bottle ( Pink )


The Smily Sipper Water Bottle is meant to be used as a stand-by container than the primary source of water or fluids. The small squat structure of the bottle makes it ideal for a quick stowaway and retrieval. It would be hard not to find a use for such a versatile bottle as it can be used both for the cold drinks as well as the hot beverages.

It must be stressed here that this is not a flask meant to keep things cold or warm. There is a range of themes and colors to suit every mood and occasion. In fact, the Smily strap bottle is so affordable that it is possible to have one for each change of season.


Smily Sipper Water Bottle ( Pink )


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A perfect sipper bottle for your little one to sip water, juice or an energy drink and get ready for a short travel, picnic or for school. This water bottle is ideal for carrying out into your child’s school Ideal size for carrying in school. Your child can easily use. Your child will love to carry this sipper everywhere he and she go. The design may vary. It’s a very beautiful bottle and also it keeps the water cool for the longest time.

Key Features:

  • Made from durable plastic material
  • Pop up straw for easy sipping
  • Easy to clean due to the removable cap
  • Attractive cartoon designs
  • Adjustable strap for carrying convenience


Type – Sipper Bottle
Body Material – Plastic
Dimensions – 6cm diameter x 19cm

Usage tips

  • Every time the bottle is put to the wash, care must be exercised to have all traces of detergents and soap wholly removed. The soap residue could cause brittleness of the outer bottle body.
  • The bottle is designed for use in the hot raging sun, but it would be best to shield the container from intense sunlight as it could cause the fade of color.









Weight 0.28 lbs


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