Dreamland double decker light blue lunch bag


Carrying your packed lunch in an awesome lunch bag makes you look classy, isn’t? Also, it is good to pack food for your child as he or she goes to school in a classy and salient lunch bag like this dreamland double-decker lunch bag

Features of dreamland double decker lunch bag

  1. Designed in California US
  2. Warranty type: Manufacturer; 1 year International warranty valid for 1 year from the original date
  3. Good look and feel of the lunch bag
  4. very attractive due to the cutting-edge professionalism
  5. They are made of permanent colors which are very rare to fade in case several cleanings
  6. has a hardy material which adds to the longevity of the lunch bag
  7. The lunch bag has a single strap for holding the lunch bag while carrying it
  8. Extremely classy with two separate compartments
  9. Size: 71 x 51 x 33cm