Wacky hardtop double up pencil box pink


This wacky hardtop double up pencil case is made using various designs. The designs only differ with the color and theme of the pencil case.

Types of the wacky double up pencil case

  1. Designed in California US
  2. The salient colors are very gorgeous
  3. This pencil case is fabricated with a robust material
  4.  less susceptible to damages
  5. made of a smooth surface with striking colors and themes
  6. The interior design of the pencil case is amazingly unique
  7. it creates large space for storage of many items
  8. This is a multi-purpose pencil case and can be used by a wide range of people such as students, pupils, professionals, and women to carry their cosmetics
  9. easy to carry along when going for your trips
  10. Size: 22cmx15cmx4.5cm